Commissions are currently closed.

How will you know when they open again?  Patrons (both on Patreon & this site via Discord) will be notified first and given ample time to join the queue.  If the queue doesn’t immediately fill up, I will announce it on my social networks that there is a limited number of openings.

Please note, I do not make city/town maps.

There are 2 ways I will now make maps (both require you to be a patron or a member on this site):

  1. $10 & Up Queue: For those who DON’T need their maps to be exclusive but would like to be added to the queue. This means that a patron at the $10 will have their map created in the next available time slot for nothing more than their patronage and understand the map will be shared with the public.
  2. Exclusive/Commercial Licensing: For those people who want to use their map in commercial projects and do NOT want them shared with the public. This is still the $10 pledge level to reserve your spot in the queue and costs an ADDITIONAL CHARGE for the map design (usually about $550 – see below)

All Inclusive Licensing: My maps are generally around $550 for option #2 which includes commercial & exclusive licensing in the price.  That means that any map I create for you at this price is exclusively yours to use however you see fit as long as I’m attributed as the artist.  You can sell posters, books, props, etc. using the design.  The only time I share the map is a low-res image and work-in-progress photos or while live streaming. (This does not include the accompanying illustrations such as the compass, border, ships, creatures, etc. unless we discuss it otherwise and each illustration is purchased separately.)

What you’ll get when your map is created:

  • B&W & color digital landscape (no text or other illustrations like the compass rose or ships)
  • B&W & color full map with text and illustrations
  • B&W & color full map with illustrations and no text

Available to the public (except for option #2):

  • Digital downloads of all versions for patrons of various levels and/or for sale on my website
  • Posters of all versions

Ok, so you still want a map, so what’s next?

First, become a patron/RueStar if you are not already. Then fill out the form linked below.  This adds you to the queue.  When you are next in the queue I’ll send a Dropbox folder invite to for you to share images/information on your project. You will also receive your files via the same Dropbox folder as they are often far too large to share by email or other links.

If you need option #2, you don’t need to make any payments until you’re up next in the queue.

You will be contacted before I start making your map (regardless of any option you choose) to discuss the project, make sure all is good, and decide how best to proceed.

What I need from you:

To get the most out of a map from me, I suggest giving me as much free reign as possible. By that I mean, let me add to the map as I’m inspired to do. If possible, give me only what’s absolutely necessary for me to create your map (i.e. “This town is near a volcano.”) in either written or crude drawings. The less freedom I feel I have, the less little details I tend to add and that means, though you might get the map you wanted, it won’t have all the tiny details my other maps have.

I reserve the right to decline any project regardless of the person being a patron or not.

This statement is specifically here because some people, despite having read this page, still request city/town maps, ship or interior designs, dungeon maps, character portraits and other art I currently do not offer commissions of.  Also, I do not create maps of copyrighted material.  It is your job to ensure that any project you’re requesting me to create is not protected under copyright.  Should you come up in queue and the material is copyrighted, I’m sorry but I must refuse your commission unless you own said copyrighted material.  Monthly pledges are non-refundable.

Rest assured, if you are requesting a world or regional map, you’re fine unless it’s copyrighted.


If you’re a patron of mine coming from Patreon and want to access rewards for your level, please login by clicking “Connect with Patreon”. You’ll be taken to Patreon where you need to click “Allow” to grant access. Once you do, you will be brought back to and a new account will be created for you (only once) with a unique ID. This ID ensures your correct rewards and does not provide any of your account information from Patreon.

You will need to grant access every time you login. This ensures the most up-to-date information and rewards for your level (in case you ever need to change them) as well as any updates to rewards I make on Patreon.

Once you have your new account, you can update your information to include your name, email, address or whatever else you would like to add. Though it’s not necessary to fill any of it out, it will help speed things up if you decide to purchase anything directly from this website.

My new ID looks like a bunch of numbers, what’s up with that?  Did I do something wrong?

  • No, this is Patreon’s new policy on not give out any information to other websites.  It’s a good thing.  This is your unique ID that will come up every time you log into this site using Patreon.

I’m worried that it’s making a new account every time I log into your website!

  • I thought the same thing when I first tested the login but I assure you it’s not.  To confirm, you can always add a name to your account by clicking “Account Details” under “My Account”.  Then logout and log back in.  You’ll see the same unique ID and the new name you added to the account details.  So you’ve only got one account.

Why do I have to grant access every time I login?

  • Patreon changed the way they link information outside their own website and instead of linking your email address (like it did before) now it creates a unique ID number instead.  I’ll never see your payment information through the Patreon integration.  Basically, it adds another level of security to your Patreon account as well as your RueInk account.  There’s also the added bonus of always ensure you have the must up-to-date reward access.  If you change your pledge, it’s instantly updated the next time you log into this site.  If I update a reward for your pledge level, it’s instantly updated the next time you log into this site as well!

What if I cancel my pledge on Patreon, can I still login to

  • Yes, but you will no longer be able to access rewards.

What if I cancel my pledge or am not a patron of yours on Patreon, can I still login to using my Patreon account?

  • Yes you can but you will be unable to access any rewards until you pledge on Patreon.

Why did you get rid of the old membership system you had on here?

  • To be completely honest, it was extremely time consuming and I did not feel it offered a security I felt completely comfortable with.  Too much about the app had changed that I felt it left more room for error or possible hacking of this site.  I’m always striving to keep my customers and patrons information as secure as possible.  Not to mention that without it being automated, I had to handle each request from Patreon by hand, updating, adding and deleting as people often did on Patreon.  This is automated and saves me a lot of time.