Please read ALL of the information for commissioning a map from me. Pledges and down payments are non-refundable.


Custom Map Questions

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What kind of maps do you make?
Do you make the maps on your computer?
Do you make city/town maps?
Do you make interior maps or floor plans?
How long does the average map take?
What size map can you make?
Can you make a playable map for my D&D group?
Who owns the copyright of the map you made for me?

Illustration Questions

What kind of art can I commission from you?
I have an idea for a tattoo, can you draw it for me?
I've seen your ship schematics, how can I get a custom one?
Do you make logos?
Do you make portraits or character portraits?
Will you illustrate a book/comic I've written?

Website & Payment Questions

Why do I need to be logged into your site to download illustrations/maps?
Why don't you just let us click to a larger image to right-click & save?
Can I login with my Facebook, Twitter, or Goggle+ profile?


Random Questions

Does it cost anything to create an account on
Why does it say Patrons Only on some of your pages?
What does small commercial use mean when using your maps, art, photography, images, text, worlds, & illustrations?
What are those gloves you wear in your videos and how can I get them?
Why don't you show your face in your videos?
We have a campaign running, would you like to join us? Or would you DM/GM for us?
Why are all your maps/illustrations shaded on the same side? Is it because you're right-handed?
Have you considered teaching cartography or making cartography tutorials?
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