Tal’Dorei & Wildemount Maps (Dwendalian Empire):


These maps are copyrighted by Matt Mercer and Geek & Sundry.  I have nothing to do with them being sold as downloads, prints, posters or any other format.  If you want to see them in their store, please send them a message or tweet to let them know you’re interested.  Any messages sent to me asking about how to get a hold of one will go unanswered.  I’m sorry but it’s out of my hands.

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Website & Payment Questions

How do I download your art such as dungeon maps, colored maps, and colored illustrations
I can see the other downloads you have available but when I click on them, I'm denied access! Why can't I download them?



Patron/Member Questions

Does it cost anything to create an account on RueInk.com?
Why does it say Patrons or Members Only on some of your pages?
Do you prefer I use Patreon or this site to pledge?
How do I change, cancel, or suspend my subscription?
Is there any difference in subscribing on this site or Patreon?
When will I be billed if I pledge on your website?

Random Questions

What does small commercial use mean when using your maps, art, photography, images, text, worlds, & illustrations?
What are those gloves you wear in your videos and how can I get them?
Why are all your maps/illustrations shaded on the same side? Is it because you're right-handed?