Tal’Dorei & Wildemount Maps (Dwendalian Empire):


These maps are copyrighted by Matt Mercer and Geek & Sundry.  I have nothing to do with them being sold as downloads, prints, posters or any other format.  If you want to see them in their store, please send them a message or tweet to let them know you’re interested.  Any messages sent to me asking about how to get a hold of one will go unanswered.  I’m sorry but it’s out of my hands.

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Website & Payment Questions

How do I download your art such as dungeon maps, colored maps, and colored illustrations

These are only accessible to patrons.  Anything free to download is available under the “Free B&W Downloads.

I can see the other downloads you have available but when I click on them, I'm denied access! Why can't I download them?

Because they are accessible only to patrons.  You need to pledge on Patreon or this website in order to access those downloads.  



Patron/Member Questions

Does it cost anything to create an account on RueInk.com?

No, it doesn’t.  You can open an account by clicking the “My Account” page at the top of the site or use the social login links at the bottom of the site.  Either way, it’s free to create an account.

Why does it say Patrons or Members Only on some of your pages?

Because those pages are rewards for patrons on Patreon or Members on this site.

Do you prefer I use Patreon or this site to pledge?

Honestly, it’s whatever is most convenient for you.

How do I change, cancel, or suspend my subscription?

Visit the My Account > Subscriptions page to see all your subscription options.  You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription to a higher or lower amount, cancel your subscription, suspend it for an indefinite time till you are able to continue with payments, change your address and/or payment information. 

Is there any difference in subscribing on this site or Patreon?

The rewards are exactly the same though it’s much easier to access them with the menu on this site but you can be a patron on Patreon and login on this site with your account to use it.  So essentially, no, there is no difference. 

When will I be billed if I pledge on your website?

Every 30 days from the time you start your subscription.  

Random Questions

What does small commercial use mean when using your maps, art, photography, images, text, worlds, & illustrations?

Small commercial use is considered anything made in small quantities by an individual or small business (i.e. websites, online articles, material packets, etc.). You are not authorized to use these files for redistributed in part or whole for free or for sale as art or part of an art collection, for print-on-demand designs, or mass distribution/production.

What are those gloves you wear in your videos and how can I get them?

They are compression gloves and you can get them from Amazon by clicking here.  I highly recommend them for artists or crafters.

Why are all your maps/illustrations shaded on the same side? Is it because you're right-handed?

Cue Inigo Montoya: You see, I am not right-handed!

Okay, so he says left in The Princess Bride but the idea is the same.  I’m actually ambidextrous and write/draw both right and left handed.  Though I mostly work right-handed just out of convenience, occasionally you’ll see me switch hands during videos.

To answer the shading question, it’s to be able to use any maps/illustrations with each other and always have the same continuous light-source throughout them.  It gives the appearance of different maps belonging together and having the same general feel.  I decided to shade on the right side because the majority of the world is right-handed and because I love the idea that its always sunset in my worlds.