Coming to our Discord

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The patrons of the Rue & Rook Tavern and Patreon have access to a private chat server on Discord that we use to talk about maps, gaming, D&D, and so much more.  You’ll even occasionally see some pretty interesting names in cartography & the RPG community popping in to say hello!

But there’s so much more on the way!  Over the next few weeks, new channels will be created for exclusive content and events that will not only invite you even further into the Rue Ink studio but having you meet your fellow RueStars.  I’ll be holding contests, voice chats, private cartography lessons, selling original artwork, and even doing a bit of role playing with whoever feels like rolling up a character!  So if you’re a patron of mine, log into my website for the link, visit Patreon and see your Discord rewards, or message me directly on how to get in on the fun!

Hope to see you there!