Yes, all commissions are closed at this time.  Yes, including professional/commercial/personal projects.  No, I don't have an idea of when they will be open again.

"Access Denied"

Before you message me about access being denied on this site, confirm that:

  1. You're a patron on Patreon and:
    • logged in through the "login with Patreon" button OR
    • have access to that reward level
  2. You pledged by purchasing a membership ON THIS SITE and:
    • are logged in OR
    • have access to that reward level

If you are accessing the correct menu for your pledge type, please let me know which way you pledged, what level, and what your Patreon and/or user account on this website is, and what URL you're trying to access that is being denied to you.

Before you send me a message read the


It answers your questions about maps & commissions!

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