Discord update

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The Rue & Rook - Murder Mayhem & MeadWe have lots of new & fun things happening in Discord with lots more on the way!
To start, we now have a voice chat room where I hang out while working for patrons to pop by and say hello. I’ll be in there Thursdays through Mondays (Tuesdays & Wednesdays I take off) as long as I’m able to talk.
Next, we have a role-playing room for those of us who are really excited about our characters and want to share them with others. Imagine a tavern where your latest rpg or video game character could go and meet others to sit and talk about their day over a virtual tankard of mead. Have fun recanting your latest campaign or check out our bulletin board to see who’s looking to group up for an adventure of their own. As it’s a tavern setting, it’s always available and can be joined whenever you have the time. No set hours/days needed. 🙂

We also now have:

  • Traveling Merchants – where patrons can share their RPG related creations for sale
  • Tech-talk – for all you techies
  • Cartography 101 where I post map making tips, answer questions about cartography, & where those taking my cartography course can share their progress/creations.
  • Gift shop – where I post various items for sale such as duplicate Copic markers, original art, and more.

Coming soon:

  • Custom emoji
  • Card & dice games
  • Music bot
So if you’re a patron, you’ll find an invite included with your rewards level or in my website when you’re logged in.
Hope to see you there!