Hi-res images do not have my watermark.

All of my illustrations & maps are available for personal & small commercial use with attribution. You need only indicate that I’m the artist wherever you display an image of mine whether digitally or print.

Please help prevent art theft! Never share an artist’s images without their name or with their watermark if you have it.  So if you want to share my art on the web, please use the smaller jpg versions which include my watermark. This also makes it much easier for people to find me and helps me grow as an artist.

Small commercial use” means that you cannot mass produce my artwork, maps, illustrations or images as stand-alone products nor as collections of images without otherwise obtaining expressed permission by me. You can use them in any projects being created by hand and/or as enhancement to written projects such as novels, campaign guides, websites, livestream overlays, maps, and the like. If you are unsure if you can use it, please feel free to message me.

Attribution is required wherever you display my images either in a post, as part of a project, or on a website. Attribution needs only be written & displayed next to the image with “Artwork by Deven Rue” or “[Name of image used] created by Deven Rue”.