Welcome to the armory!

Here I’ll be listing new equipment, materials, project ideas, and more that I would eventually like to do.  My aim is to not only involve you but recruit you if possible!  See, I have TONS of ideas on expanding the things I create but I don’t have the equipment to do so.  So I’ve decided to create this page, tell you my plans, give you an idea of what I want to accomplish and see if you might be willing to help.

Project “Glowforge

The images above are but a sample of the maps I’ve burned into leather over the years.  I love making them, however, they are extremely time consuming, stressful, the fumes are toxic, and they are expensive for customers to buy.  But damn if they aren’t beautiful!  I want to continue making them and believe I’ve figured out the best way how…I’m looking to get the Glowforge 3D laser printer to etch my artwork into leather, wood, metal and more!  These amazing printers can cut and engrave with some pretty amazing detail.  They would allow me to create products in a whole new capacity!  Plus, it would make them much more affordable to customers as the bulk of my work would be done by the machine.  Of course I would still be needed to add special touches, fine details and more but this would be a huge step in helping me create products I couldn’t otherwise.

Like my tavern signs…

I LOVE making tavern signs but they take up tons of room to create, need a lot of ventilation for wood burning as well as staining and varnishing.  And if I’m going to be honest, they aren’t entirely how I envisioned the signs I wanted to make. I wanted nice heavy signs for those who wanted to hang them from posts or chains, or light, thinner versions for those who were looking to add to their gaming room decor.  With the Glowforge, I would be able to do both and on a MUCH wider range of woods (wood burning is limited to poplar or basswood)!  Again, I would still need to add detailing, staining and varnishing by hand but at least the worry of burning the artwork would be done for me with a much lower chance of mistakes.

Plus I would be able to take my art beyond just tavern signs and maps!  I’d love to make ornaments, gaming tokens, shields, jewelry, and so much more!

The best part is…it’s all my own artwork!  With the Glowforge, I would be able to take my art scans and recreate them on leather, wood, and metal exactly as I would!  This is just amazing!

Here’s where you come in.  As you may know, I’m an artist full time and this is my only job; that means that buying expensive things like this is very difficult. Though I’ll be saving every penny I can, if you’d like to help me get the Glowforge sooner, I would greatly appreciate it!  Please consider sharing this page on your social networks.

Send a one time donation via PayPal


We’ve decided that with the Pro version, we wouldn’t be limited in size and that it’s the best option for the projects I want to do.  The funds reflected below are a combination of donations, patron pledges, discounts, and sales.  The cost is the total with the unit shipped.

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Glowforge Pro