Welcome to my help wanted page where I will post details regarding projects I’m looking to either hire someone for and/or to help out a fellow artist/business owner.

WordPress Plugin Developer:

I’m looking for someone who can create a plugin for WordPress that will allow Twitch subscribers to log into my website using their Twitch account and gain access to exclusive pages, posts, & downloads.  Idealistically, this would work with WooCommerce’s Memberships plugin as another membership plan granted on login and will expire when they are no longer a subscriber on my Twitch channel.

I know several people who are looking for a plugin like this so there’s more than just me for the possible work.  Please message me your information and rates if interested.

Accountant or Bookkeeper with tax knowledge:

Though I personally am looking for an accountant, I also work with several artists & tiny 1-3 person companies that are also looking for help with their taxes and possible bookkeeping.  This would be entirely over the internet and I would recommend you publicly if you are okay with it.  I’d also like to occasionally have you join me for my Rue Ventures livestreams to answer tax/bookkeeping questions.

Please message me your information and rates if interested.

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