Kor’s Haunt

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A tiny series of islands to the southwest from which Mirelyn’s Skyrealm was originally a part of, now these islands are sacred places of worship with temples to the Kor.  It is here that many come to find peace, healing, and learn the ways of the monk, cleric, or paladin.  It is also a place known as the “crossroads of the planes” where the veil is thin and the right ritual will bring you to another plane.  Many of the clergy here can provide travel to the plane of the Kor they worship as well as others if they are aligned with them.

Kor’s Haunt is a place of deceiving beauty for as stunning as much of the landscape can be, so can it be dangerous with creatures roaming about unlike any in other lands.  It is here they say the Kraken was born and the dryads dwell.  For every bit of beauty there is a matching bit of underlying dread.  Careful what you wish for here, you just might get it.

Aarakocra's Landing
Kor's Bath
Luhna's Rise
Mirelyn's Shallow & Skyrealm
Phyre Peaks
Spek'Phyre's Grove
The Deceiving Marsh
The Faded Forest
The Forgotten Kor Temple
The Golden Glen
The Queen's Galley
The Shattered Tower
The Slithering Snarl
The Wolf Tower

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