Ancient Blank Tome

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All artwork is patron & member supported!

You can download the black & white versions of all my artwork for FREE thanks to my amazing supporters!  This allows us to work together as a community to support all of us, not just me.  My illustrations and maps can be used for all your website, streaming, profile, and gaming needs.  You can even color the b&w versions however you wish!  Please feel free to tag me in anything you share online!

You must be logged in to access any downloads.  Registering on my site is free.  To access colored versions, you need to get a membership for that reward level.

The only way you aren’t allowed to use my maps and illustrations is by selling them as downloads, either separate or as a collection, or as posters on any medium.  If you create your own world by adding text to my map and would like to sell the maps, please message me on how I can do that for you.

Those who support my artwork make it possible for me to be able to offer so much of it for free or very little.  Every pledge I receive on this site helps me continue to be a full-time creator with lots of new things coming out monthly. They help build our community and allow me the opportunity to do something I’m truly passionate about…create.

As a way of saying thank you, I offer colored and textless versions of my maps, tavern signs, and illustrations to members!  And more is on the way!

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