If you’re thinking about joining the Rue & Rook Tavern or already did but have some questions, I’ve added some information below to help you with your pledge and/or any questions you might have.


What exactly am I signing up for?
Can I make a one-time donation instead?
What does my pledge money go to?
Can I buy you art supplies instead or as a gift alongside my pledge?
When will my card be charged for my first pledge?
When will my card be charged for my monthly pledge?
What sort of payment do you take for pledges?

Managing My Pledge

Can I increase or decrease my pledge after I've started pledging?
Can I cancel my pledge at any time?


Getting & Using Rewards

How soon after I pledge will I gain access to rewards?
How can I use my rewards?

Coming from Patreon

I already pledge to you on Patreon, do I need to switch to your site?
I plan on staying with Patreon, how do I get rewards on your website?
I'm linked on your site, how to I get to the rewards?