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Meet Jules Olivia Doonagan, as known as The Singing Swordstress, and captain of the dimension traveling vessel, The Morrigana.  She’s a swashbuckling, gender-swapping, mischief making pirate well on her way to making a name for herself.  In other words, she takes after her mother.

HOW THE STORY IS WRITTEN: As this started off as an RPG campaign I decided to let the dice dictate the story.  I use a simple method of rolling a D20 for all actions for the characters.  The higher the number, the better the action, the lower the number the worse the action.  This includes dialog, fighting, crafting, navigation, persuasion, etc.  Modifiers are not added, though I do make “advantage” & “disadvantage” rolls depending on whether the character is being assisted/hindered by another character or item (weapons, armor, jewelry, whatever).  This makes it quick and very simple to “let fate decide” while keeping the flow of writing going smoothly.

NOTE: This story is just for fun and something I do as a personal project.  It’s not professionally edited so it will contain plenty of grammar & spelling mistakes.  You’ll simply have to suffer through that as I don’t have the time nor money to rectify it. Besides…Goddammit Jim, I’m an artist not a professional writer!

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This story is NSFW*

18+ Only Please

Contains Explicit Sexual Content & Adult Language

*Not Safe For Work: However, there are NO explicit images other than the occasional bit of leg and/or bare chest (male or female), so if you can read without getting caught, by all means, indulge!  By continuing on to the story/posts you agree that you are at least 18 years of age.

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The Mournful Procession

Recommended ambient soundtrack for this chapter: Funeral “Death is but another phase in our existence,” quoted the preacher.  He nodded … Read More

Daughter of a Pirate

Recommended ambient soundtrack for this chapter: Funeral Julian Cantwell Doonagan was, for all intents and purposes, a dutiful wife and … Read More

My Mother’s Daughter

[Recommended ambient soundtrack for this portion of the chapter: Kitchen] It’s a brisk autumn morning and icy rain taps at … Read More


[Recommended ambient soundtrack for this portion of the chapter: Backstage] I pulled my boat into a tiny slip near the … Read More


As Raulyn and I lay naked, limbs entwined and fascinated with each other’s bodies, we heard the front door open … Read More

The Copper Peacock

[Recommended ambient soundtrack: Reading in the Study] I had three days to prepare for my audition at the King’s Opera … Read More

Singing for my supper

Armentiers pulled the car along the dock and I sat aghast.  We were going on his ship!  I loved The Blue Delphinula … Read More

Striking The Deal

[Recommended ambient sounds: Cocktail Party] Dinner was a carnival of food, drinks, and laughter.  Parthena knew droves of people and … Read More

Magnum Opus

Recommended ambient sound: Backstage Just as our first dinner had been a whirlwind of people, food, & reporters, so was … Read More

The Captain’s Quarters

Recommended ambient sounds: Out to sea The after-party was little more than a blur of faces, drinks, and laughter as … Read More

The Singing Swordstress

Recommended ambient sounds: Duel at the Opera My breakfast with Armentiers would be the last peaceful one I would have … Read More

A Wilting Rose

Recommended ambient sound: Drone Orchestra “ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH THAT SLUT?!” Parthena screamed at me, her chest heaving with her … Read More

Scandal at the Opera

Recommended ambient sounds: Duel at the Opera The curtain drifted up as the lights brightened on the stage.  We all … Read More

Any Port in a Storm

Recommended ambient sound: Harbour Sigmund ushered us through the wings and out the backstage door where Octavius’ driver waited.  Parthena … Read More

The Mysteries of the Morrigana

Recommended ambient sound: Out to Sea As the Morrigana left the docks she sailed like glass across the water despite … Read More

The Request of a Goddess

Recommended ambient sound: Out to Sea I stood there shivering despite not being cold.  The woman before me who both … Read More


Recommended ambient sound: Out to Sea How cruel was my imagination to put her before me, knowing it wasn’t real! … Read More

Voicing Our Thoughts

Recommended audio to play while reading this chapter: Tea in the Study With the goddess gone, my father & I walked … Read More

Maiden Voyage

Recommended ambient sounds for this chapter: Out to Sea I was torn between leaving immediately and spending time with my father … Read More

The Shores of Avalon

Recommended ambient sounds for this chapter: Out to Sea The first few days out to sea were just blissful.  The Morrigana … Read More

Wayland & the Lady

Recommended ambient sounds for this chapter: Avalon Our vessel was forced to sail westward around the island by jutting rocks, cliffs, … Read More

Wayland’s Gift

Recommended ambient sounds for this chapter: Woodland Forge For the first few hours in the hut that covered Wayland’s forge, I … Read More

The True Magic of Avalon

Wayland’s roaring laughter at my delight made my cheeks flush with heat and I paused in my swordplay.  A small … Read More

Wayland’s Wish

My eyes fluttered open and the world around me was nearly pitch black.  The forge let off the slightest glow … Read More

Taliesin’s Transgression

“We need to go,” Taliesin was saying as he practically ran past the forge while grabbing me by the arm. … Read More