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Wolvesbane Academy

Wolvesbane Academy was established to promote the dissemination of knowledge to those who seek it.
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David Willson

Loves: H/W, S/W, OS, SciFi, Fan. | Want to get back to RPG (D&D, CyberPunk, Vampire) | EDU: History, GIS, Cartography | Currently: IM Tech
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Also Adventure

RPG morsels for the picking
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Anastasia Catris

Freelance illustrator and writer living in Cardiff in the United Kingdom. I love video games, drawing, Totoro and cheese. I also have blue hair and an obsession with pudgy animals.
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David Allkins

Former correspondent and consultant for United Response. Interested in books, films, politics, media discussion and writing.
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Jeff Stoner

I support the arts as directly as possible - because art, in all its forms, must thrive.
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Ego Check with the Id DM

An interview podcast series hosted by a licensed psychologist, Michael Mallen, Ph.D. that delves into a variety of game types from a psychological perspective.
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Game Finder

Games Finder is a human driven video game search engine. Featured games are reviewed by our in house writing team and then carefully paired with similar games based on gameplay, mechanics, theme and other variables.
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Wherein we discuss the imminent Apostrolypse and offer succor and assistance to those who ask (nicely)
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A blog about game design, roleplaying games, and the day-to-day adventures of a Melbourne Game Designer and GM.
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Open Legend RPG

A tabletop RPG in which the players play the part of mighty heroes and wicked villains in order to tell stories of epic proportion.
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Seasons of the World Tree

A blog about life from the perspective of a woman who is also a military wife, mother, homeschooler, & witch.
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Collin Brooke

I'm a college professor and an amateur worldbuilder and theorycrafter.
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Deana May

Impoverished Bohemian. Sith. D&D. Raccoons.
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