Advice for Artists, Crafters, Streamers & Small Companies!

After over a decade of being an efficiency manager and/or executive admin, I’ve decided to share the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years by creating a podcast where I answer your questions about the best small business practices.

Patron & member exclusives include one-on-one help/feedback on your profiles, website, business model, marketing and more.

Show Notes:


  • Quickbooks – For as little as $7 a month save yourself the stress and keep your books up to date
  • OneNote – Get it on your computer AND your phone to keep them synced everywhere you go.  Keep notes, copy & paste responses, etc.

Mental Health & Inspiration:

Business needs:


Product related:

  • Printful – Get your art on shirts, mugs, posters and more without minimums or keeping inventory!
  • Spoonflower – Add your art to fabric to make other crafts or to let crafters have a unique way to use your art!


  • Mair Perkins – A fantastic animation artist who made my intro video