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Pre-Order: D20 Pouches

This single pocket leather D20 pouch features the Steppes of Augrudeen map along each 3 inch wide panel making them 6x6x6 inches!  It has a magnetic closure and a small tab to make it super easy to open & close.  Each pouch is laser etched & cut then assembled and glued by hand.  Can hold 23 sets of dice (7pc) or 161 mixed dice or 2.8 lbs of mixed dice.

Pre-Order Information:

Currently we’re taking pre-orders on these pouches as we’re looking to raise enough funds to buy the materials in bulk and assemble them.  They will ship regardless of the amount of funds raised through pre-orders but may end up a limited product if we cannot afford to keep them at this price.

Stretch Goals:

  • Vegan Option
  • Color Options

Once funds have been raised for this project, a stretch goal is to be able to make these in a non-leather vegan option and/or possibly offer color options in either dyed materials or hand-painted.  If you’d like to help with that but not purchase this item until then, please consider becoming a patron or adding something to my tip jar.


These pouches will not be shipped until May 1st!

Shipping by that date gives us time to find a good supplier, order materials, receive said materials, create a construction process for the project, and iron out any of the issues with creating projects like this.  Pictures will be posted on social media as we perfect the process.