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Leather D20 Dice Pouches

This single pocket leather D20 pouch features the Steppes of Augrudeen map along each 3 inch wide panel making them 6x6x6 inches!  It has a magnetic closure and a small tab to make it super easy to open & close.  Each pouch is laser etched & cut, colored, then glued by hand; as such, each pouch is unique, varies slightly in color from pictures shown, and may contain imperfections (because no one is perfect, least of all us).  Can hold 23 sets of dice (7pc) or 161 mixed dice or 2.8 lbs of mixed dice.


Currently there is a 4 week waiting list as these items are pretty popular!  So if you ordered today, your pouch wouldn’t be made until 3 weeks from now. We will update this as we catch up on orders.


For those that participated in the pre-order: We’re getting orders out as quickly as possible and in the order we received them.  This might take a bit due to how involved each pouch is to make and one of us works a job outside of the house but we’re doing our best!  We’re sorry for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience.



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