Get your commissioned map on dice bags!

If you commission a map from me, you have the option of getting the map put on fabric (that you can purchase for flags or your own art projects) and ordering a set of dice bags for you and your players!  Add pockets, cords, and even pick the color lining!  There’s payment plans available.  Order by October/November to ensure you get your set for the holidays.

If you’ve already commissioned a map from me and want to have it added to dice bags, head on over to Greyed Out Productions and tell them I sent you!

Minimum of six bags per order starting at $15 per bag (pockets & cord locks are extra) plus shipping.  Commissions are currently only open to patrons.

Get my art on dice bags!

Greyed Out Production hand makes amazing dice bags with lots of options like lock cords, several pockets within the pouch (great for keeping dice sets separate even when closed!), and choice of liner color!  I already own several of them as I’m addicted but more so that I get to see my art used in such a fun way!

These bags measure 5″ tall with a 4″ square base, a design that allows your dice bag to sit open on the table for easy access to your dice during long gaming sessions. Each Greyed Out dice bag will hold about 160 dice, and closes securely with a double drawstring, with the option for cord locks.

Click here to see what other designs of mine they’re using and to get your own!

Patrons: You get a discount at Greyed Out Productions whenever you order a dice bag with any of my designs on it.  You’ll find your discount code on the “Exclusive Discounts” page in The Tavern.

Bags start at $20.99 (before patron discounts)