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Dwendalian Empire Map

As seen on Critical Role!


Critter Deven Rue (that’s me!) is a cartographer extraordinaire and we were so thrilled that she created this amazing map of the Dwendalian Empire for us to celebrate the launch of our second campaign, which is set in the varied, vast terrain of Wildemount. Over the past few months, we have been flooded with requests to make our Wildemount map available for all and we’re happy to do so during Gen Con! The map is 24×24 (which means it will fit a standard-sized frame) and is printed on an aged parchment-like paper stock. Our Wildemount map will be available for purchase in our booth at Gen Con or available online via shop.critrole.com, starting in early September($39.99)


Get all the information on getting your map on the Critical Role website!