Enter the Tavern

Pledge your level of support and get these awesome rewards:

  • The Designated Driver: $1 or more a month buys our Mistress of Mayhem a drink on you!  In return, you can have your mug posted on the Patrons page & a monthly copy of whatever dungeon from Dyson Logos she’s colored!
  • The Weekender: $2 or more a month to the Meadstress gets you access to her colored illustrations both past & present for personal or small commercial use as well as the above mentioned rewards!
  • The Regular: $3 or more a month to the Queen of Cartography gets you access to the blank versions of her black & white map illustrations as well as the above mentioned rewards!
  • The Pub Crawler: $5 or more a month to the Monarch of Maps grants you access to her colored maps, both with & without text, as well as the above mentioned rewards!
  • The Official Taste-Tester: $6 or more a month gives you access to the Empress of Ink’s studio for cartography lessons as well as the above mentioned rewards!
  • Room & Board: The Rue & Rook Tavern exclusive level!  You’re here so much you practically live here!  Might as well make yourself comfy and pick a room above the tavern.  For $10 or more a month you’ll get the chance to purchase original art & creations before anyone else, one on one chats with the Inktress herself, exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, video outtakes, and more.  Simply type in whatever amount you wish starting at $10 and you’re in!

And that’s just the beginning!  For the most updated list of rewards, check out The Rue & Rook Tavern page!

NOTE: Because you will have instant access to all past rewards, you will be billed when you subscribe to your membership and then the 1st of every billing cycle you keep your membership.  This means if you subscribe on the 23rd of the month and choose a monthly billing cycling, you’ll be billed again on the 1st of the following month.

After checkout, be sure to look for new items available in the menu!

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