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Epic Mug of Coffee or Tea

Start your day with an Epic Mug of Coffee! Increase stamina, agility and intellect! Binds when equipped. Increases haste 144 for 5 minutes. Requires level 85.


Or, if you’re a tea drinker, increase charisma, spirit and intellect plus increases expertise rating by 70!


This sturdy white, glossy ceramic mug is an essential to your cupboard. Looking for the perfect amount of your hot beverage without refills? Search no more.  This brawny ceramic mug shows it’s true colors with quality assurance to withstand heat in the microwave and put it through the dishwasher as many times as you like, the quality will not be altered.


Ships in 5-10 business days.  Printed items such as prints, shirts, mugs, & tote bags are shipped separately from the rest of your order.


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