Handcrafted Map Props

Handcrafted on 90 lb paper, these map props are a fantastic addition to one’s gaming room, study, library, theater, photography, and more!  Each one is stained, “aged” and sealed with paper varnish to create a beautiful but durable map.  Because they are handcrafted, they are uniquely different with no two alike.  They will have creases, tears, frayed edges, holes, stains, and an assortment of other added touches to make it look and feel authentic.  Maps are between 17-15 inches by 9-11 inches depending on the shape of the map.

Images shown are examples of these map props and will not be the ones sent to you.  To see all the designs, click here to view my illustrated maps.

Created per order, each map takes 3-5 days to ship after ordering.


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