Get my designs printed on fabric!

The gallery is only a sample of the designs I have available on fabric for your crafting needs.  Want to make a flag, dice bags, or other crafts using the map I made for you?  Just let me know and I’ll create a custom design in my Spoonflower shop (external link).  Spoonflower make high quality custom printed fabrics, wallpaper, and wrapping paper.  All the fabrics in my Spoonflower shop are available for commercial use.  Please feel free to tag me with any creations you make featuring my art on fabric!


There’s a waiting period while the fabric is printed and then sent to me for print approval.  This whole process usually takes about 4-6 weeks.


This listing is for special request designs.  Each design is created by me and printed by Spoonflower.  A sample swatch MUST be sent to me first to ensure print quality (Spoonflower’s guidelines) and then it will be available to purchase in my shop.  These sample swatches cost $6 each.  If you would like me to design a custom fabric for you featuring one of my illustrations/maps that isn’t already in my shop, use this listing and add a note to your order on which map/illustration you want.  I’ll message you to create the project you want in any specific sizes if we haven’t already discussed it.