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Add some old world feel to your home or gaming room with one of these huge Master Maps!  Beautifully created on quality canvas material and hemmed in either a basic stitch or you can choose an embroidered trim that will match the map.  You can choose to have hanging loops to go around a rod that you already have (loops can fit up to a 3 inch diameter rod) or choose it as an add-on.


Maps vary in size from design to design but they are generally about 30-32 inches by at most 40 inches wide depending on the map you choose.  Sizes will be added for each map as I create them.


  • Map Options: Colored maps will be created in a watercolor effect to give it an old world style instead of the vibrant hues currently available for downloads.
    • Color with text
    • Color without text
    • B&W map without text
    • B&W map with text
    • Aged Colored map with text (yellowed with staining)
    • Aged Line-work without text (yellowed with staining)
  • Trim & Cord Options:
    • Embroidered trim is chosen by me to best suit the map
    • If you do not want embroidered trim, the map will have a basic folded hem to keep it from fraying.
    • If you opt for a decorative cord (can also be used to hang the rod the map is on) it will match the embroidered trim if you like it or can be a color of your choice
  • Hanging Loops & Rod:
    • Hanging loops are created using the same canvas material (aged to match if you choose that option) that can fit up to a 3 inch dowel or curtain rod.  If you choose to add trim to the map, it will be added to the loops as well.
    • The rod is dark brown stained 2 inch in diameter wooden dowel with wooden finals (end caps) that comes in sections that you easily assemble to the length of your map.
  • Design Dimensions (not including trim & loops – more will be added as I create them):
    • Dayeimbe – 40×32 inches
    • Everburn Islands – 35×24 inches
    • Ifiron – 33×20 inches
    • Queen’s Treasure – 44×30 inches
    • Starfall – 35×23 inches
    • Vendras – 30×24 inches


These maps take roughly 4-6 weeks to make.

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