Hi-res images do not have my watermark.

Please help prevent art theft! Never share an artist’s images without their name or with their watermark if you have it.  So if you want to share my art on the web, please use the smaller jpg versions which include my watermark. This also makes it much easier for people to find me and helps me grow as an artist.

Available for commercial use with attribution except when being sold separately or as a collection in any format digital or otherwise.  In other words, you cannot sell this map as individual downloads, as a collection, nor as a poster by itself.  If you aren’t sure if your project fits this description, please feel free to send me a raven.

Attribution is required wherever you display my images either in a post, as part of a project, or on a website. Attribution needs only be written & displayed next to the image with “Artwork by Deven Rue” or “[Name of image used] created by Deven Rue”.