Stories by Deven RueHello and welcome to my writing room.

Here you’ll find the latest rambling stories written by moi, Deven Rue.  Some are RPG characters that took on a life of their own, some are inspired by dreams, and others are simply my flights of fancy.

I provide maps & illustrations whenever possible to enhance the reader’s experience; I also include links to suggested ambient sounds and/or music.

These stories are just my way of being creative and having fun telling a story that’s going on in my head.  They are not professionally edited and will contain all sorts of literary no-no’s, typos, and plot holes; such is the folly of a chaotic mind.  I hope you can muddle through and still enjoy the tale.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of my stories are NSFW so read at your own risk!

Rue Ink

The Morrigana

Meet Jules Olivia Doonagan, as known as The Singing Swordstress, and captain of the dimension traveling vessel, The Morrigana.  She’s a swashbuckling, gender-swapping, mischief making pirate well on her way to making a name for herself.  In other words, she takes after her mother.

~This story is being written using dice to help decide the character’s performance, combat, decisions, & more.

Rue Ink

The Incendi

After earth is visited by a glowing alien life form, our DNA is mapped out in intricate designs on our foreheads and faces.  We fear what this might make us.  Food, sheep, marked for death, blessed, doomed, or chosen.  Is it a gift or a curse?  In a whirlwind of events, the world is changed, shattered and then evolves into the Utopia we’ve always dreamed of…or is it?