The Gods & Goddesses of Pheh

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Pheh World Map
Pheh World Map – Large image

Though the darkness came a grain of crystal that pulled the light from the corners of the universe until it focused itself with a brightness so powerful it shattered the black veil and sent sparks of life throughout existence.  This tiny grain is known as Phehomniah and it is the god of light.  When the other gods and goddesses saw the sparkling dust across the void, they converged upon the sky and sat in awe of it’s beauty.  Phehomniah then plucked another tiny grain from the darkness and gently cupped it in it’s hands as it pulled it to it’s breast.  As that grain heard the heart beat of Phehomniah, it began to pulse with it and soon life sprang forth, but in doing so Phehomniah vanished into the grain and was never heard from again.  Thus Pheh was born and the gods marveled at it.

Pheh, seeing her only parent vanish moments after her springing to life, fell into a deep sadness.  She wept uncontrollably for so long that she filled the world with oceans that over flowed and formed streams, rivers, and lakes.  When she finally ended her mourning, she placed two small moons side-by-side that rise each night from the Sea of Light and move in opposite directions across the horizon to meet in the same spot from which they started.  These moons were a reminder that she is both one and separate from her parent.

To honor Phehomniah, Pheh created lush flora and fauna so that she may never be alone but also so she would know the joy of parenthood, as her parent before her.  Even the darkest of beasts are considered children of Pheh and were created as means of punishment for when her children were wicked but also because one cannot have light without dark, good without bad, and happiness without sadness.

Seeing the miracle of Pheh, and believing it held the essence of their beloved sibling Phehomniah, the other gods/goddesses longed to care for it…though some are envious of the affection lavished upon her by both the beings that live upon the land and the other deities.


Note: Phehomniah and Pheh are the only deities known throughout the world of Pheh who have the same story from village to village.  Whether this is a sign that they are the true deities of the land or that the nomadic tribes of Hymn once traveled far and wide, no one knows.

The Twin Moons of Pheh

Pheh is orbited by twin moons whose names change depending on the region.  These moons are seen rising in the west from the Sea of Light in as a single orb if you are on the continent of Q’Atteari.  Throughout the night, they slowly separate and run along the horizon until they meet again in the east just before the sun rises.  From the land of Whahl, these moons converge into a single moon just before dipping into the Sea of Light.  Though the moons look the same size, they are not as the Opal moon sits much further away than the Emerald moon.

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Croh & Arol - Bolli'S'Aer & Ste'Mors mythology
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Basic gods/dess of Pheh

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