The world of Pheh

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Welcome to the world of Pheh (pronounced P-heh)!

Created with the traveler in mind, the world of Pheh is a diverse land where adventure truly lies in the journey itself.  Information contained within these pages are for your personal RPG use only.

Note on using these maps:  These maps were commissioned by the Lu’Rensitari for the Emet’hrada from a master cartographer of Bolli’S’Aer.  The maps are representational and therefore are not to exact scale.  They are artistic works of the land of Pheh.  To give an understanding of size, Pheh is roughly 20,808 miles along it’s equator (much of the Sea of Light is uncharted and not added to the map).

  • Q’Atteari – On the magical shores of Q’Atteari and it’s many universities, you’ll find many folk schooled in the arcane arts.  This is where you go to have things enchanted, or pick up hard-to-find items.  It is also where one goes to extend their education as Q’Atteari is home to the world’s largest libraries and most knowledgeable historians. (Approximately:6,647 miles from farthest most points north to south; 3,613 miles at it’s widest points west to east)
  • Hymn – The marshlands of Hymn is home to many rangers, druids, and those versed in medicine.  Hymn is well known for being the home to mythical beasts and wild, untamable lands.  Tribes thrive deep in the lands where few outsiders dare to go. (Approximately: 4,191 miles at it’s farthest points north to south and 4,335 miles at it’s farthest points west to east.)
  • Bolli’S’Aer & Ste’Mors – The symbiotic lands of Bolli’S’Aer and Ste’Mors makes them a force to be reckoned with.  Ste’Mors naturally harsh environment is the perfect breeding grounds for warriors.  Forging armies and champions, Mors are the most sought after fighters.  Bollis are artisans and masters of crafting.  From weapons and armor to fine silks and paintings, Bollis dedicate their lives to honing their craft.  The lush tropical rainforests of Bolli’S’Aer provide an amazing array of materials & dyes. (Bolli’S’Aer – Approximately: 3,902 miles at it’s farthest points north to south and 3,353 miles at it’s farthest points west to east.  Ste’Mors – Approximately: 4,046 miles at it’s farthest points north to south and 4,624 miles at it’s farthest points west to east.)
  • Whahl – The land of Whahl stretches from nearly the utmost north to the utmost south, thus earning it’s name (wall).  It has the largest landmass of all the continents and is the most diverse in both landscape and population.  Whahl is a carnival of sprawling cities, quaint farmlands, and endless entertainment.  Well, all except the vast desert of central Whahl. (Approximately: 11,271 miles at it’s farthest points north to south and 6,936 miles at it’s farthest points west to east)

NOTE ON RACES: As I built Pheh as a playable world, I want to provide plenty of content to help form a diverse and dynamic world while still giving you ample room to add in your own personal touches.  Because races are sometimes specific to storylines, they are not mentioned in any details of the world of Pheh.  You can create any as you see fit and/or proclaim them to be from any region you desire.