Welcome to the new updated RueInk.com!

I’ve been busy updating the site and getting everything in tip-top shape for 2018.  I’ve got lots of new products, rewards, and goodies coming over the next few months so I needed to makes some changes.


NEW ACCOUNTS!  I’m sorry for the inconvenience of making a new account but with new security procedures and access comes new accounts for everyone.  If you’re coming from Patreon, click “Connect with Patreon” to access rewards for your pledge level.  Click here to learn more about how this works.


NEW MEMBERSHIP ACCESS!  For those looking to support my art without using Patreon, you can subscribe directly on this site!  If you’re a returning subscriber, I’m sorry to have canceled your previous subscription but there was no way to update the site without doing so.  A message was suppose to have been sent out with the cancellation and I’m sorry if you didn’t receive it.  You’ll now find the member section much easier to navigate, changing your pledge amounts is simple on the My Account page, and everything is automated!  So there’s no more messaging me to adjust your rewards levels.


NEW REWARD PAGES! With the new Patreon/membership integration, I decided to update the reward pages to include a much easier way to find the maps & illustrations you want.  Not only is the menu far more extensive but the pages themselves make it easy to scroll through and find what you’re looking for.  Some pages are still a bit empty as I’m not done adding everything but when I’m done, they’ll be even more illustrations and map options than there was before!

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