Hello & welcome!

I’m Deven Rue, your group’s cartographer and historian. I occasionally provide quests, adventures, drawings, characters, landscapes, and a lovely tankard for the weary traveler.

Rue Ink

Illustrations for your RPG

From old books to sea serpents to map icons and more, I make hand-drawn illustrations that you can download and use in your own RPG.  I offer illustrations for both personal and commercial use (read illustration description for use) any many of them for free or a very minimal fee.

Please consider becoming a patron of mine to help me be able to continue to offer my illustrations for free and/or at such low prices.  Every bit is greatly appreciated!

Rue Ink

The Shoppe

Get your geek on with shirts, mugs, original art, maps, boxes, dice trays, DM screens, and so much more!  We’re making fine art for the sophisticated (and not-so-sophisticated) geeks!

Rue Ink

Bringing Your World to Life

From tavern signs to maps to ship designs to props, I make a wide range of custom creations to bring your home-brewed world to life and help create a more immersive game-play for your players.

If you have a special project you’d like to see come to life, please feel free to message me about it.

Now that you can add funds to your account, you can use it like a payment plan for any custom work I create for you.  Take the time you need to pay everything off at whatever pace you need.

See my gallery for examples of my work.