Postcards From a Cartographer:

Welcome to Rue Ink!

Greetings & salutations!  I’m Deven Rue and this is my website.  Here you can find my art, learn all about me, find links to my social networks, download free art, purchase products with my art on them and lots of other stuff!

Hi!  I make maps. Highly detailed fantasy maps.  I spend the majority of my time creating maps or the art associated with them like borders, compasses, sea monsters, vessels, etc.  I’m sort of obsessed but you’ll find that out soon enough if you haven’t done so already.


Let’s start there because honestly, that is quite an eye-catching statement.  But seriously… free maps?  Yes, free maps.  I offer the black & white version of my maps to the public…for free. You can access them by making a free account on this site and use the menu above.


I’m not just making maps and you’re not just supporting an artist when you become a patron.  You’re also helping support and grow the RPG community.  The more people pledge the more artwork the community gets and the more affordable it is for everyone.  It’s much easier to have 100 people pay $1 to help me create art than it is to ask one person to pay the full $100.  It also means that those 100 people are also helping hundreds more the opportunity to enjoy that art instead of 1 person getting it only for themselves.  This spreading the cost of art over the community not only means more people get to enjoy it, but it also means that I’m not working for less than minimum wage…er…or at least that’s the goal.


Let’s say you really love one of my maps and want to use it for campaign guide your developing for DriveThruRPG or DMGuide, can you?  YES YOU CAN!  As long as you aren’t selling/distributing my creations as stand-alone items, posters, or on any Print-On-Demand products/sites, and you attribute me as the artist, you’re free to use them.

Need something exclusive?  Just ask me about purchasing an exclusive license.  Need it for a larger commercial project, I gotcha covered there too!  Just send me a raven!

Want to make your own maps?

I’ve got cartography classes available!  $6 & up pledge levels gets you access to my beginners class as well as to my Discord where you can share your creations with me for specific help and advice, as well as meet other cartographers in the making!


Commissions are currently closed until further notice.  I’ve got queue that’s a few years long so I’m going to wait until I’m through the majority of it before opening them up again.  However, patrons will be the first to know and add themselves to the queue.  If it doesn’t fill up immediately, I’ll announce it on my social networks and go from there.